Examination Chambers

In this short puzzle adventure, you play as a tester who has to overcome increasingly harder logic puzzles. Room by room, your actions will be commented on by a test supervisor. Place different sizes of cubes on buttons in first person to solve logic-gate-like riddles.

„[…] This is a great short puzzle game with lots of humor. It is worth every penny!“


„[…] amazing sense of wit, charm and humour which bundles altogether make an amazing comedy piece for a game […]“


„Very funny!“


„I like it!
You get exactly what it says, around 15 minutes of quick fun. […]“


Mortar Lumberjack

You’re a lumberjack who has to sort out all the rotten logs. Because there are so many of them you’ve got quite creative with the removal process. Shoot all the rotten logs with your mortar until enough good wood came trough and your stockpile is full.

„I think the game design on this one was really good! […]“


„I really like the sprite work.  The jump and the camera shake after shooting are really satisfying and the concept is very original! […]“


„That’s the kind of idea that would perfectly fit in the mobile game market! […]“


„A simple but fun game! […]“



Change between a 3D and 2D perspective to see which obstacles are coming next and avoid them by jumping. This retro styled platformer is challenging and playable on Windows, Linux and Android.

Hungry Ducks VR

You just wanted to spent some time with your sandwich on your boat in the center of your favorite lake. But those nasty hungry ducks want to get to your lovely sandwich! Good thing your brought your trusty canon pistol with you to repel them.

Castle of Locomotion

This project is a pure Virtual Reality walking experience with a custom build arm swinger locomotion. Swing your arms to walk, push open doors and jump by moving both hands upwards.

The castle consists of several areas to walk around. Enjoy nature and take a walk through the buildings or even outside of the castles walls.


In this meditative experience, you steer a ball on an infinite platform. Some obstacles fall on the platform in front of you to keep you busy while not getting too challenging. You can jump over them or move around them. There is no goal – just relax and enjoy the experience and changing colors.


OneJump is a minimalistic highscore based jump game. The challenging factor: you only have one chance to jump.

If you fall or get hit by an evil block, you will have to start again. It also gets increasingly harder as you progress.

You can also play against a friend in the local multiplayer mode.

„The game is really wonderful, it has nice music and beautiful retro graphics! If you concentrate a little, you have a small chance of making it into the ranking Top 10 … I love it <3“


„Macht schon Bock. Mega Musik :3“


Ultimate Epic Dschungel Rocket Experience 2D

Steer a rocket left and right while its going upward. Collect coins and avoid the rotating blades and falling boulders. Enjoy the kitbashed jungle-like setting and reach your personal high-score. The title may is a bit overdramatic.

Absolute Haggard Rage Game (AHRG)

A minimalistic jump-game where you get points for reaching platform after platform. If you miss, the round is over. The game becomes incresingly difficult as you progress.

This game is the predeccesor of what later became OneJump!


This roguelike turn-based management and strategy game is completely text-based and was created using BASIC. It runs in the windows terminal and there are many bugs to encounter as you traverse the galaxy in a spaceship of your choosing. But beware: all text is German.